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Class 8: Putting it All Together: Creating the Best Interventions to Change Behavior

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Instructions for this class:

Before beginning the work in this Class, complete the Reading from Finding the Gray:

  • Chapter 14: Creating Effective Strategies/Interventions
  • Chapter 15: Treatments and Techniques

Each Case study requires that you upload your related assessment and intervention plan before you can hear Dr. Wahlberg and Jeanne Beard discuss the case study. If you are taking this for graduate credit this will also server as your final final exam.

Class Intentions:

The purpose of this class is to provide twelve specific exercises that will improve your ability to apply the knowledge you have learned by planning ways to work with specific issues. This will support your success in applying this material in the classroom, increase your confidence in working with and having a child with autism in your classroom, and help you to leverage the strategies to support the entire class.

After completing all 11 interventions you will be able to a view a video from Dr. Wahlberg for each case study giving his analysis.