A Profound Paradigm Shift for Professionals


As professionals working with individuals on the autism spectrum, therapists often feel less impactful than they would hope. At times, no matter how hard they try, they feel unable to make enough difference.

One of the most powerful resources therapists have for success, is their understanding of autism. In this training get a step-by-step model of how to leverage your understanding for greater success.



This 1 hour training video explores the paradigm shift that occurs when a therapist and their client change their perspective to distinguish between autism and the individual. This powerful perspective lays the groundwork for the most effective autism-educated therapy. It delineates the difference between traditional parenting and traditional therapy versus autism-educated parenting and autism-educated therapy. This training enlightens the therapist on the success of a unique approach to autism which requires an understanding of autistic neurology, and the resulting behavior and world-view of the individual with autism.

This training has two purposes.

  1. To offer the therapist an alternative way to look at an individual with autism.
  2. To provide a tool and a structure that therapists can use when doing therapy with the family of someone with autism.