Training for Professionals Serving ASD Clients and Their Families

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For Individuals:

Individual On-line training*: $395

This training is designed to deliver strategies and understanding gathered during 25 years of clinical use by the National Autism Academy’s Clinical Director, Tim Wahlberg, Ph.D. The material is delivered in an easy to digest, simple style of learning. The training includes delivery of materials through reading, audio presentations, and video presentations that make learning fun and implementation easy. Become the “go to” expert on autism in your school or therapeutic community.

The Training Includes Classes on the following topics:

Module 1: The Perspective that Works

You will get specific perspectives that will serve as a guide for you in establishing a protocol that will support your student’s success in the classroom, increase your confidence in working with and having a child with autism in your classroom, and help you to leverage the strategies to support the entire class.

Module 2: Autistic Behavior: What’s Behind it and How to Manage it in the Classroom

This module provides specific understanding of strategies to support helping the child with autism stay calm and regulated in the classroom, both neurologically and emotionally. This module will serve as a guide for you in understanding and managing difficult behavior in the classroom, creating more effective interventions, as well as delivering tips to leverage the same strategies to support the entire class.

Module 3: How a Child with Autism Views the World: Connecting in a Meaningful, Effective Way

The purpose of this module is to provide understanding of common thinking patterns that arise as a result of the neurological architecture of the brain of children with autism, and through which their understanding of the world is filtered. We will discuss how those ways of thinking shape behavior. This will serve as a guide for you in understanding and managing behavior in the classroom, and help you create effective interventions.

Module 4: How the Social Disability Disrupts Your Classroom and What to do About it

This module is designed to help you understand the child’s social abilities and deficits and how they influence the behavior and performance in the classroom and provides strategies to optimize the child’s strengths and limit their weaknesses in this area.

Module 5: The Secrets of Motivation: Gaining Compliance with a Child with ASD

This module will provide you with a new understanding of how to recognize when autism is behind a behavior, the all-important skill of motivating a child with ASD, and how to help the child recognize and follow rules and stimulate interest and participation.

Module 6: Comprehending and Conquering the All-Pervasive Executive Functioning Deficit

The purpose of this module is to provide specific perspectives that will help you understand the executive functioning deficit of children with autism, the many ways it influences behavior, and serve as a guide for you in establishing strategies that will increase your ASD student’s success in the classroom. This will support you by boosting your confidence in working with and having a child with autism in your classroom and help you to leverage the strategies to support the entire class.

Module 7: Communication Effectiveness: How to Find the Meaning that Gets Lost

This module will teach you specific strategies to use to communicate effectively and to teach abstract concepts so that the information is understood. This will improve the child’s overall comprehension and ability to respond and become a contributing member of the class.

Module 8: Putting it All Together: Creating the Best Interventions to Change Behavior

The purpose of this module is to provide specific exercises that will improve your ability to apply the knowledge you have learned in the past 7 modules by planning ways to work with specific issues.

This module will present and examine 12 cases studies, each presenting a different challenge facing the child and the teacher. You will be asked to write out your solution to each case. Then the case study will be followed by a video from Dr. Wahlberg giving his analysis and solution to those challenges.

When you purchase the training, you receive 1-year access to the on-line materials, On-line access to Office Hours to ask questions and receive implementation support, and the opportunity to complete a certification module to be certified by the National Autism Academy.

*Professional CE Credits may be available depending upon your discipline and accrediting body.

For Groups

Let the National Autism Academy create a custom training program for your group that includes any or all of the following:

  • Individual On-Line training (Self Study)
  • Group Live Instructor Lead Q & A
  • Pre-recorded Instructor Lead Trainings
  • Custom Half Day or Full Day On-Site Training
  • Dr. Wahlberg and Jeanne Beard’s Books on Autism
  • Custom Created Take Home Kits (Supportive Visuals and Strategy Implementation Tools)
  • National Autism Academy Certification for participants
  • Group Live Instructor Lead On-Line Training

Upgrade your training to include group training, live on-line training, group activities, and certifications that will provide the opportunity for you to communicate to your clients or potential clients that your staff are autism-trained professionals.