Which symptoms of anxiety does your child experience? Review the list of examples below.

  1. stomach pain, nausea, or digestive trouble
  2. headache
  3. insomnia or other sleep issues (waking up frequently, for example)
  4. weakness or fatigue
  5. rapid breathing or shortness of breath
  6. pounding heart or increased heart rate
  7. sweating
  8. trembling or shaking
  9. muscle tension or pain
  10. anger
  11. inability to manage (meltdowns)
  12. perseveration on a topic
  13. irrational fears
  14. pulling hair
  15. Injuring or hitting self
  16. Head banging
  17. Biting
  18. Punching others
  19. Anxiety resulting from sensory hypersensitivity
  20. Appearance of separation anxiety
  21. Panic (may look like a meltdown)
  22. Dizziness
  23. Catastrophic ideas (I’m dying, I’m having a heart attack)
  24. Desire to escape from the situation creating the anxiety
  25. Desire to avoid situations that caused panic in the future
  26. Fear that they may go into a situation and not be able to handle it
  27. Excessive worry that may look like OCD symptomology (locking and unlocking the door)
  28. Trouble sleeping (can’t fall asleep, can’t sleep restfully)
  29. Social Anxiety (afraid that they are going to behave inappropriately – is the fear disproportional to the reality of rejection, do they underestimate their ability to do well – does it lead to avoidance of social situations in which they could be competent)