Class 6: Comprehending and Conquering the All-Pervasive Executive Functioning Deficit




The purpose of this course is to help you understand the executive functioning deficit of children with autism, the many ways it influences behavior, and also serve as a guide for you in establishing teaching strategies that will increase your ASD student’s success in the classroom. This will support you by boosting your confidence in working with and having a child with autism in your classroom, and also help you to leverage the strategies you learn to support the entire class.

This class will cover these specific topics:

  • What is Executive Functioning and What does it do?
  • The Connection Between Lack of Executive Function, Linear Thinking, and Comprehension
  • Accountability and Setting Boundaries
  • With the Lack of Accountability, How Do We Teach Rule-Following?
  • Stumbling Blocks related to Executive Functioning and Accountability
  • Guidelines on How to Develop Accountability and Executive Functioning
  • Prompting Before Stimulate Executive Functioning and Accountability
  • Teaching Metacognition and Problem Solving
  • Executive Functioning Stimulation Worksheet