Class 1: The Perspective that Works: Introduction to Autism in the Classroom




The purpose of this course is to provide specific perspectives that will serve as a guide for you in establishing a teaching protocol that will support your student’s success in the classroom, increase your confidence in working with and having a child with autism in your classroom, and help you to leverage the strategies to support the entire class.

This course will cover these specific topics:

  • Introduction to Autism in the Classroom
  • Accepting the Diagnosis and Its Meaning (even if the child seems like they should be able to manage)
  • Can a Child with Autism Manipulate?
  • Can’t vs. Won’t
  • The Power of Consistency/The Need for All Environments to Work Together
  • The Need for flexibility
  • Applying Accommodations to the Entire Classroom vs. Singling Out the Child with Autism
  • Cognitive vs. Associative Tasks (eye contact, taking notes, etc.)
  • How to Find the Teachable Moment
  • Positive vs. Negative Reinforcement