Class 2: Autistic Behavior: What’s Behind it and How to Manage It




The purpose of this course is to provide specific strategies that support the child with autism staying calm and regulated in the classroom, both neurologically and emotionally. This is the second class in the series of eight and will serve as a guide for you in understanding and managing behavior in the classroom, help you to create more effective interventions, as well as helping you to leverage the strategies to support the entire class.

This Course will cover these specific topics:

  • All Behavior Has Meaning
  • Birth to Behavior/The Control Theory (Part 1)
  • Sensory Hypersensitivity/Neurological Regulation/ The Control Theory (Part 2)
  • Helping a Child Stay on Task in the Classroom
  • Allowing Sensory Breaks/Sensory Diets
  • Emotional Regulation, Managing Anger and Meltdowns
  • Managing Physical Aggression