Developing Social Skills at Home and at School



The Root of Social Challenges and Strategies for Developing Social Skills.

Social success is not just about having friendships. Every interaction with another human being qualifies as a social interaction. Driving a car, ordering chicken nuggets at McDonald’s, asking the teacher to explain an assignment, answering the telephone, and asking to be excused to go to the bathroom are all social interactions, and all can be difficult, unpleasant, anxiety producing and feel unpredictable and uncomfortable to those on the autism spectrum.

This training will cover 9 topics:

  • Why the Aversion to Social Interaction?
  • Anxiety and Social Skills
  • Social Unpredictability and Social Skills
  • Stumbling Blocks for Social Interactions
  • TEACHing Children with Autism
  • Teaching Prerequisite Social Skills
  • How to Practice Using Social Skills
  • Putting the child into an environment that He/she Can Use Those Skills and Where There are Potential Friends to Be Made
  • Bullying and Social Skills Self Advocacy