The Profound Paradigm Shift for Professionals


As professionals working with individuals on the autism spectrum, therapists often feel less impactful than they would hope. At times, no matter how hard they try, they feel unable to make enough difference.

One of the most powerful resources therapists have for success, is their understanding of autism. In this training get a step-by-step model of how to leverage your understanding for greater success.



Professionals know that how people parent impacts children not only now but for their entire future.

The attitudes, experiences and the ways parents deal with autism is one of the most important influences children have – affecting nearly everything in the child’s life – from how they see themselves to how they experience autism to whether they experience the world they live in as welcoming or judging them.

And it impacts how parents experience themselves too.

For professionals, it involves more than getting parents to change their phrases from autism awareness to autism appreciation.

It’s requires a fundamental shift in how parents experience their children and autism.

In this core training, you’ll discover:

  1. The key ingredient to help parents provide a different kind of support so that their child with autism can feel loved and supported (without this, many will suffer their entire lives)
  2. The single most important factor parents need in order to create effective results at home every day (without all the fighting, hassle and resentment)
  3. The powerful secret to making the parent’s life with autism easier (while reducing the anger, friction and power struggles that can divide the whole family)
  4. The common mistake even smart, well meaning parents make when interpreting their child’s behavior (and why getting this wrong can leave everyone in the family in emotional pain)

Join Jeanne Beard, the Founder of the National Autism Academy, in this nearly one hour video training that you can watch in the comfort of your home or office.

Uncover how you can facilitate a shift in parental perspective on autism, the specific steps you can take to reduce the stress, frustration, and aggravation for the parent, the child with autism and the entire family, and shift this core perspective to improve the lifetime experience and outcome for the entire family.

This online play-on-demand video explores the paradigm shift that occurs when a therapist and their client change their perspective to distinguish between autism and the individual.

It lays the groundwork for the most effective autism-educated therapy. It delineates the difference between the traditional parenting/traditional therapy model versus autism-educated parenting and autism-educated therapy. This training enlightens the therapist on the success of a unique approach to autism which requires an understanding of autistic neurology, and the resulting behavior and world-view of the individual with autism.

This training will:

  1. give the therapist an alternative way to look at an individual with autism and the parenting shift that can make this easier for everyone in the family.
  2. provide a tool and a structure that therapists can use when doing therapy with the family of someone with autism.
  3. increase the professional’s facility with autism-educated parenting and therapy

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