CRACKING THE CODE #2: How to Leverage Your Parental Power For Lasting Change


In this second training of the Young Adult series, parents learn the power of their own mindset and thinking about autism and their child, and how to leverage that for success. Employing these strategies is critically important for parents, especially those working with young adults who are not under guardianship, and have adult rights.

  • If there was a way to help both you and your child feel less frustrated, aggravated, or overwhelmed, would it make your life easier?
  • Would it lessen the day-to-day worry, exhaustion and fear for you?
  • Would the absence of these negative experiences allow you to commit more energy to actually working with your child more effectively and successfully?

We know it would, because we have listened to 1,000’s of parents just like you and helped them do just that.

This is a 5-part self directed learning experience and may be taken in conjunction with Independence Readiness.