Thank you for joining the Essential Parenting Guidance Inner Circle Program

Here is a welcome video from our Founder, Jeanne Beard

We want you to know that we respect the journey you have been through to get to this point! While every story is different, we know you have been struggling or you wouldn’t be here! We have been through many of the same struggles, so you have come to the right place!

As a way of introducing ourselves, we wanted to share with you our Philosophy and Guidelines for Providing Powerful Support:

  1. We respect each individual as the highest authority in their own lives.
  2. You are the expert on you, your feelings and your needs.
  3. As the most intimately involved individual, you are the best expert/therapist for your child.
  4. Each child on the spectrum is a unique constellation of talents, strengths, personality traits and challenges, and there are no one-size fits all solutions. We talk about generalities and commonalities to give us an avatar that we can use to create a basis for understanding.
  5. Techniques and descriptions offered through the course are to provide structure and guidance, and may need to be adapted to fit your particular situation. When appropriate consult your Pediatrician or Therapist.
  6. Please refrain from discussion of the issues surrounding cause and cure. For our purpose, we work to cope with the existence of autism without debate of other controversial issues.
  7. There are no “musts” in this course. Take what you like and leave the rest.

A few of our clients wanted to share their story with you