Autism in the Classroom – Courses for Teachers

The purpose of this program is to provide specific perspectives that will serve as a guide for you in establishing a teaching protocol that will support your student’s success in the classroom, increase your confidence in working with and having a child with autism in your classroom, and help you to leverage the strategies to support the entire class.

  • Class 1: The Perspective that Works: Introduction to Autism in the Classroom

  • Class 2: Autistic Behavior: What’s Behind it and How to Manage It

  • Class 3: How a Child with Autism Views the World: Connecting in a Meaningful, Effective Way

  • Class 4: How the Social Disability Disrupts Your Classroom and What to do About it

  • Class 5: The Secrets of Motivation: Gaining Compliance with a Child with ASD

  • Class 6: Comprehending and Conquering the All-Pervasive Executive Functioning Deficit

  • Class 7: Communication Effectiveness: How to Find the Meaning that Gets Lost

  • Class 8: Putting it All Together: Creating the Best Interventions to Change Behavior

  • Introductory Teacher Classes

  • Advanced Teacher Classes

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    Teacher Classes 1-8 Bundle

  • Lindenwood Graduate Course – Autism in the Classroom

  • Developing Social Skills at Home and at School

  • July Webinar – Navigating School this Fall